Considering the current growth and environmental issues, R-ENGINEERING team has a great commitment for green energy production. To do this more efficiently and cost effectively, we have introduced our MBSE RSE2020 Methodology of System Engineering (SE) in   Photo-Voltaic (PV) based renewable energy production. We have a dedicated team specialised on Solar PV Energy production planning. We are committed to provide turnkey base solution including, which includes Operation and Maintenance (O & M) Support.

We have developed in house Maintenance Manual  (Schedule & Un-Schedule) plan for commercial Solar Power Plant project and our team is capable to deliver the service according to the Maintenance Manual.  So, the Solar Power Plant companies can have one-stop service in a single point.

Our R & D department has developed a unique Decision Matrix for procuring the most efficient and ultra-modern PV System considering all engineering as well as financial issues. From our research it has been found that the production cost of electricity will be as cheap as; two to four-Euro cent per KW/h considering project implementation area, which is cheaper than the conventional approach of other companies.

However, we are connected to our business alliance for the current breakthrough in PV technology, like Concentrated Photo Voltaic (CPV) system, which has the current efficiency 32%. We have the full solution for manufacturing of CPV and Installation process. We also have developed the cheapest way of Solar tracking system, which can able to enhance efficiency by 3%-5%. Our team also connected with the PV printing technology development, which will be ultimate cost effective way of future solar PV production. To know more about our current advancement, please contact our company experts.