Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a Modern Systems Engineering (SE) approach to perform complex design that focuses on model base information exchange rather than document base information exchange, which ultimately reduce the complexity and cost to develop life cycle of a product. Nevertheless, it ensures the safety and reliability of a project.

We have developed our new methodology RSE2020 considering VDI2221 manual [The association of German Engineers (VDI)] for our client and it has been seen in our initial research that RSE2020 can reduce around 20% of product Life Cycle cost.

Our RSE2020 methodology has a wide range of applicability, like Aerospace and Defence, Energy Sector, Automotive Sector and any kind of industrial sector. Our team is also highly trained to provide modern MBSE solution with the tools, like Capella, Modelio and Papyrus. We think simpler way of implementation of a complex process. To know more about our RSE2020, please contact with our company experts.

Here is some representation of our simpler MBSE approach.