Technology and engineering is the art of science and it’s been beautified by engineers. Any infrastructural development presumes the involvement of highly qualified engineers.

RADICAL ENGINEERING can arrange skilled engineers, who have been testified by the bible of science under supervision of R-ENGINEERING and supply in the numbers requested for any major projects.

Apart from acting as an agent for finding the right experts for the right jobs, R-ENGINEERING further transcend a wide range of related activities. Whether being an intercessor to market innovative lightweight bridges or acting as a supplier for railway industry, cement industry, metal industry components or boiler elements, R-ENGINEERING has competence to offer the following product sourcing.

  • Pipes and TubesTechnology
  • Control Valves
  • Transformer
  • Generator
  • Pharmaceuticals Machinery
  • Gasturbine Engines and Spares
  • Composite Materials
  • Mining machines
  • Agro based machinery
  • Billet
  • Scrap
  • Steel plate